The Hungarian American Club of S.W. Florida was started in November of 2000. By the end
of 2001 we had 58 members. Our membership this year is close to 250 people. Our organisation is
governed by a board of directors that is nominated and elected by the membership at the beginning of
each calendar year. The board consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and

In order to keep our expenses to a minimum we do not have a permanent club building. Board and
committee meetings are held at members homes or at other public places. Club events are held at
private or public facilities like country clubs, restaurants, banquet facilities, or public parks in the

area. Locations are based on value, availability, and quality.

Many of the clubs events (i.e. dinner/dances, picnics) are social in nature. We have had entertainers
from Hungary perform at several of these events. There are also events that are in support of cultural
and/or historic awareness. An example of one such project was the implementation, fund-raising and
dedication of a statue commemerating the 5oth anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (see
gallery for photos). The statue is located on the grounds of the Collier County Government Building in
Naples, FL. We have also sponsored fundraisers for projects such as building a central water supply for
the village of Kero in Transylvania.

Many of our members are first or second generation Hungarians. Some are married to Hungarians.
Some just enjoy our culture, our food, and our merriment. Whatever the reason, all are welcome to
enjoy our hospitality. Hope to see you soon.
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Hungarian American Club of S.W. Florida